Integrated business accounting

Project Description

Biztally is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses.

  • Client: GrayGrids
  • Status: Finish on 30 Dec, 2013
  • Skills: creative, web design
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Project Features

  • Product Record:

       You can keep all the Products(Petrol, Diesel ,Speed Petrol, Oil Products).
       Price rate changes.

  • Customer Record:

       You can keep all customer details.
       Add Image to the customer.

  • Item Record:

       You can keep all Item details.
       You can add image to an item.

  • Vendor Record:

       You can add the Vendor details.

  • Employee Record:

       You can keep all the details of Employee.

  • Bank Record:

       You can add Bank details.

  • User Authority:

      You can provide the authority to the employee for login.

  • Back UP

       Back of all data..

    Sell Record

       You can create sell entries according to customer.
       You can add tax.

  • Purchase Record:

       You can create purchase order.You can add tax.

  • Expenses:

       You can keep Expense details.

  • Bank Transfer:

       Your Bank transaction details can be saved.


1. Daily sell order list report

2.Vendor wise product report

2. Purchase list of the items and the total Paid/Debit amount reports

3. Customer wise reports

4. Stock details reports

5. Daily delivery order reports

6. Monthly expenses report


1. Financial Accounting

2. Inventory Management (Multi-location)

3. Production / Bill of Material

4. Sales / Purchase Quotations

5. Sales / Purchase Order Processing

6. Fully User-configurable Invoicing

7. CST / VAT Reports (State-specific)

8. Mfg / Trading Excise Registers

9. MIS Reports & Analysis