Dairy Management Software

Project Description

Greensoft Systems has developed latest and efficient Dairy Management Software. It is used to record the data regarding collection of milk and financial transaction carried under the operation. Our IT experts developed the software in two languages that are English, an international language and regional language. Hence, the software can be used in dairy firm in rural areas too. The dairy software is easy to install and precise & fast calculation.

  • Client: GrayGrids
  • Status: Finish on 30 Dec, 2013
  • Skills: creative, web design
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Project Features:


   Software Security - Login for every user.
   Customer Registration - Customer purchase cattle feed and other products.
   Product (Cattle Feed & Other) Registration - You can keep any number of Products to sell.
   Vendor (Supplier) Registration - You can maintain all records of supplier, Products ordered, received. Payment Entries.
   Employee Registration - You can keep all the info of all employees.
   Expenses Registration - You can create expenses head.
   Bank Registration
   Daily Expenses
   Bank Transaction
   User Authority
   Farmer Registration
   Daily Collection
   Weekly Payments
   Loan Installment
   Rate Chart
   Back Up module


1. Monthly Expenses
2. Monthly Profit-Loss
3. Customer Outstanding
4. Stock
5. All Customers outstanding
6. Purchase List
7.Vendor-wise Products
8. Status-wise Sell Orders
9.Status-wise Purchase Orders.

1. Easy Customer billing.
2.Software Security.
3. On click Customer outstanding Report.
4. Monthly Profit-loss Report.
5. Easy Stock Report.
6. Back up all the data.
7.You can get easily all the Reports.
8.You can keep all the details of Loan (Uchal).